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Treadmill use and maintance manual

Treadmill use and maintance manual

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Treadmill instruction manual:

1) Always attach an Emergency Stop Magnet to your clothing in the event of a fall.
2) Never allow children to play on the treadmill + see point 1.
3) Always stop the treadmill completely if you want to answer the phone or take a break.
4) Slowly raise the speed as needed.
5) Do not leave the treadmill power cord on the floor so it can get caught under the wheel and become damaged.
6) Do not plug the treadmill into an outlet / line that does not have a fuse large enough

The most common treadmill failures?

The most common failure is that the treadmill does not work at all.

How do I fix it?

1) Check that the safety stop magnet is in place.
2) Check if the treadmill power switch is in the "on" position.
3) Check that the power cord is attached to the treadmill and wall.
4) Check if the treadmill's own fuse is not blown.
5) Check if the room / house fuse is not blown.

Treadmill the second most common failure? And how do I fix it?

The treadmill is jerky/jumpy and does not move smoothly.

1) Between the treadmillbelt and its "bonnet"(viewed from above, on the back of the keyboard)
The treadmill's own special Silicone oil should be applied to the 50-60cm area in the front after every 4-6 weeks, apply a thin layer to minimize friction.
In this case, the motor will not be stressed that much and will last longer.

2) The treadmill belt is stretched and / or loose and therefore does not rotate properly. Usually treadmills are adjustable
with a hexagon wrench on the rear corner on both sides of the belt. In this case, the adjustment is made as the belt moves
full speed without stress and rotated from one side to the other half first and then from the other side
the same amount of.

3) The treadmill pulls on either side, how do I fix it?

Usually treadmills are adjustable
with a hexagon wrench on the rear corner on both sides of the carpet. In this case, the adjustment is made as the carpet rotates
full speed empty and rotated from one side to the other half first and then from the other side
the same amount of.
When the belt moves to the middle, stop adjusting and stop the treadmill.

The treadmill does not rise up(incline)? The treadmill up and down function stopped working after workout or during transport, how do I fix it?

1) The most common fault is communication between the keyboard and the  incline motor. Remove the front cover under the keyboard . The cover is usually attached with a couple of cross-head screws per side,
When you get cover off, check to see if the quick wiring connection sockets have been disconnected? Usually this is the fault. Push the wires back into the same quick sockets and secure the connection with adhesive tape or shrinking properly with cable attachment so that the fault does not happen again.

2) The wires are closed but the incline function still does not work. There are 2 options left: The incline motor does not work or the electronic part does not work anymore.
What do I do? First, make sure which part is broken and ask for a spare part. If the treadmill is already old and you want to save money but still want to
get some incline for walking or running, so the most affordable option is putting 50mm rubber mats under treadmill wheels 1 or 2
 Rubber mats here:https://www.hcgym.eu/sport-goods/kummimatid.html.

The treadmill works fine but the bearings make noise or the rubber belt starts to wear out, what will i do?

This will be the moment when the average consumer will start paying for the repairs out of proportion to remaining value of treadmill - and after all the repairs treadmill state will remain almost same.

Suggestion: Make a short video of the treadmill showing keyboard operation and up / down(incline) function, bearing sound and more
take photos of the treadmill defects and model and offer it to us for exchange at [email protected] We will reimburse the treadmills for which
the electronics as well as the up-down function work for around 1000 euros in exchange for a new HC Pro treadmill.
New Treadmills have Full Year Guarantee Here https://www.hcgym.com/hc-pro-exercises/seadmed-cardio.htm

NOTE! For new treadmills we always have direct stockfor Motors / Electronics / Magnets / Belts.

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