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SportKraft Deadlift bar

SportKraft Deadlift bar

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The new bar collection has finally been launched! These bars are designed with top buyers. The design of the bar collection has involved the world's best lifters and coaches, so that we can make the products as high-quality and durable as possible without forgetting the neat look.

A redesigned model of the original Texas drawbar has finally arrived in our range. The bar is exactly the same in size and features as the original Texas Deadlift bar. With this bar you will take your pull-out to new readings! We wanted to develop a product with the best features of the original model combined with a few innovative solutions.

Improvements to this model include a special coating. We chose manganese phosphate as the coating, which is resistant to corrosion, but special because of its rough surface that maximizes grip when the rod is in use. This combined with very good roughening make this bar the best it can be. The roughening is deep and firm, but not too scissor, which breaks the skin.

The steel quality of the bar was also changed to make the bar more durable. Our new steel range maintains flexibility in the bar, but it returns straight after use and lasts much harder to use than the original. Also, the rod does not wear out in terms of roughening and coating, so easily compared to the former.

The special steel choice of the SportKraft drawbar, only 27 mm thick and 230 cm long, gives the drawbar the required properties. The thinner and longer rod bends more, which is the most popular feature of the drawbar today.

The SportKraft Deadlifter Competition model has a really deep and firm roughening for maximum grip. Such a drawbar is also commonly used in all races.

The product is mechanically loaded before being put on sale, which checks the quality and makes it possible to eliminate defective specimens from the outset.

Approved in all professional associations, eg WPC, GPC, FPO.
SportKraft drawbar - Features:

Weight 20 kg.
Length 230 cm.
Diameter 27 mm.
No medium roughening.
Manganese sulphate coating.
Capacity 780 kg.