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Bench press set - Bench+weights+barbell - FREE SHIPPING

Bench press set - Bench+weights+barbell - FREE SHIPPING

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The bench that we offer in more than an athlete can imagine - assistant platform, holders for elastic bands, weight plate holder and also safety bars, for training without your training partner.
The standart set is more than enough for a standart athlete, but if you a next level dude just add extra weight plates, or a rubber band - it will boost your  opportunities.

Standard Set includes: 

1.Garage gym bench 



2.  220 CM Olympic barbell with  capacity 225KG -  grip part  ø 30mm


3. Olympic weigth plates - 177,5kg
2X25 kg
2X20 kg 
2X15 kg
2X5   kg
2,5    kg
1,25  kg 

The combination of the offer can be changed in the menu, feel free to add  extra weight plates, add a progressive barbell in the set or a rubber band

We will cover the delivery. You will receive the set right to you door.